Development Plan

Development of the Single Patient Record and Clinicians' Directory started in February 2018. The scope and functional requirements were devised by SPR Global Tech and then the company engaged Fenner Pearson's business, the UK-based Meantime Information Technologies, to carry out the actual software build of the app, Web GUI, and Blockchain database. The Gantt chart on this page shows the planned development pathway.

Meantime IT

Meantime is an ISO 27001 accredited company, that creates bespoke software for a wide cross-section of business sectors, including aviation, where it carries out work for Heathrow and Dublin airports, amongst others.

Over the last fourteen years, Meantime has repeatedly achieved its stated aim of delivering to specification, on time, and on budget. SPR Global is confident that Meantime will realise its vision to revolutionise medical record storage.

Project scale

Project plan 2018

Project plan 2019