About SPR Global

The senior management team at SPR Global came together in 2017 with the sole intention of creating a Single Patient Record system that would improve the experience of both patients and medical professionals. They combine many years of industry experience in the areas of secure IT system creation and provision of services and manufactured medical devices to the medical sector.

SPR Global Technologies

SPR Global has designed the Single Patient Record and Clinicians' Directory products that will combine to create the Clinical Data Mine. The Single Patient Record will utilise blockchain technology to achieve the long-standing goal of a single secure repository for all of the medical data relevant to a single patient. To learn more about the SPR app, please watch the introductory video on this page.

The Clinician's Directory, also designed using Blockchain functionality, will provide a single international directory for clinicians, acting as on online record of their career, achievements, publications and more. The Clinicians' Directory is designed to interact with the Single Patient Record, linking clinicians to the treatments that they have provided.

Video showing the Heathrow VIP treatment